Canon 80D Shutter Count: An All-In-All Guide!

When the fact is about delivering professional results with every shot, the Canon 80D cameras come in the first choice list. However, nowadays, photography enthusiasts usually care a lot about their Canon 80D shutter count, although that’s understandable! 

Then to be exact, the shutter count of the Canon 80D camera is about 100,000 actuations. It equates to a substantial number of camera shutter clicks. That means you can expect 100,000 shots in its life expectancy. 

However, enthusiast photographers, is that all? Of course not! There are many more relatable queries that you must know, which it’s precisely what today’s article is about. So, read on!

What Is A Canon 80D Shutter Count?

Canon 80D Shutter Count

Canon 80D camera is the main aim and enthusiasm for the semi-pro, mid-market. or enthusiast photographers. It offers superb image quality, regardless of the level of your photography expertise. 

As for the shutter count, what does it mean?

It is the number of photos that you have taken with your Canon 80D camera. The shutter count of the Canon 80D also can said to be Canon 80D shutter life as an alternative meaning. 

When you own a Canon 80D camera, you can expect a shutter count of it for 100,000 actuations. 

To be frank, the shutter count of the Canon 80D camera is quite higher compared to the other cameras. You know even if you utilize this Canon camera on a daily basis, it will require a handful of years to reach this 100,000 milestone! 

How To Check The Canon 80D Shutter Count? 

How To Check The Canon 80D Shutter Count

It is a matter of fact that, checking the shutter count of a Canon 80D camera is not a hard task and also you don’t have to be tech-savvy. 

Find out below how to check the shutter count of your Canon 80D camera so that you can have a better estimation of the lifespan of your DSLR camera. 

Step 1– First of all, install the EOS Utility Software

Step 2– Once installed, turn on your camera. 

Step 3– Connect the Canon 80D camera to your computer with a USB cable. 

Step 4– Next, open the software on your computer. 

Step 5– Click on Camera Setting and then click the Shutter Count button. On the shutter count window, the shutter count of your Canon 80D camera will be displayed. 

That’s all to do! You are well done!

However, there are several paid and free Canon 80D shutter count checkers available to do the job. If you wish, you can use any of them. 

As for the paid apps, they work for all models of Canon cameras. They require Windows or MacOS. For instance-

Paid Apps 

Names Cost 
Shuttercheck $10
ShutterCount Mobile$7.99

As for the free ones, they are-

If you need any more help in finding the shutter count of your Canon 80D camera, you can refer to the below YouTube video for a video tutorial. 

How Does Shutter Count Affect A Camera’s Performance? 

The shutter count of the Canon camera is the number of times that your camera has fired. It just represents how many times the shutter of the camera is clicked open or closed to take a picture. However, the shutter count is an important factor in the camera’s performance. 

In a camera, regardless of the brand or quality, the increased number of shutter counts, the lower the time the camera will take to function or to click an image. 

But if you are worried about the performance of the camera when the shutter count has reached its expectancy, then don’t be! It’s because the shutter count has no effect on the image quality. 

When the shutter count reaches Canon 80D lifespan that does not necessarily mean that the camera is no longer functional or will affect the image quality of the Canon camera. 

Here, other factors like proper maintenance and care affect the Canon camera performance. 

However, everything comes with an expiration. After reaching a fair amount of time, there is a chance that the camera will not work the same as before at that point. 

What will be the signs of that necessarily? We’ll discuss this in the below section.  

Signs Of High Shutter Count On A Canon 80D

As you already see, a higher shutter count does not necessarily mean you need to replace the shutter of your camera immediately. But yes, some signs indicate that you can’t go on with that shutter anymore. The signs are below. 

#1- The Pictures Are Hazy

The Pictures Are Hazy

Although there are some other reasons why you can have a blurry or hazy image on your Canon camera, most of the time it is because of the broken shutter. 

So, whenever you start having hazy images, get it checked through the professionals. They will provide you with the correct information on whether you need to repair or replace the shutter. 

#2- The Camera Makes Strange Noises

The Camera Makes Strange Noises

Do you hear some odd noises whenever you click an image with your Canon 80D? Then it can be a sign of a bad shutter. 

But that does not mean you should jump to the conclusion that you need to replace the shutter now. That’s because sometimes it happens due to the loose screw or some other relatable problems. So, it will be better if you get your camera checked by the pro.

#3- The Pictures Include Lines And Are Overly Bright 

The Pictures Include Lines And Are Overly Bright

It is another telltale indicating that the shutter of your Canon 80D camera has some problem with it. Moreover, when the shutter needs to be replaced, the camera starts capturing overexposed images. 

All you just need to do now is to get it checked by the professionals and make a decision on what to do according to their suggestions. 

#4- The Camera Isn’t Capturing Images

When the camera stops capturing images, it is an obvious sign that the shutter is no longer in working condition and needs its owner to be concerned about the matter. 

That is because when the shutter is broken, the camera won’t take images at all. Due to this, it is wise to take the Canon 80D camera to the pro as early as you can. 

#5- The Camera Takes Too Long to Take Pictures

If you start noticing that the Canon camera is taking too long to capture images that are not like before, then the shutter of the camera can be suspected. Here the shutter is stuck open, creating the situation. 

Note: Every sluggish Canon 80D shutter speed does not indicate a damaged shutter. Sometimes it can also happen when you have modified your camera settings. So, as always, getting the pro suggestion is the best choice.

Factors That Can Affect A Canon 80D Shutter Count 

You know, the shutter life of the Canon 80D camera can last longer than its official rating. However, there are some factors that can affect the shutter count of the camera. For instance- 

  • How often the Canon camera has been used
  • The conditions or situations in which the Canon camera has been operated 
  • Real-world effects. For instance, deformation and friction. 
  • Manufacturing defect

Should You Keep The Canon 80D Shutter Count High Or Low?

Straight-up! There is no good or ideal shutter count for your Canon 80D camera whether you can or should keep it high or low. 

It is just something that rings up the truth of the Canon camera for buying or selling as second-hand equipment. 

The lower the shutter count of the Canon camera, the higher the camera value. That’s because it indicates that the camera has been used less or less several times. 

You should keep in mind that shutter life expectation is just an expectation. You might be getting high or low, that depends on your luck and the care of the previous owner if you are willing to buy a secondhand.

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