How to Stop a Camera Jammer (4 Effective and Tested Methods)

A camera jammer restricts the connectivity and communication of any device, like a camera, within a certain range. The jammer ensures the camera is rendered inoperable by jamming the signals. 

Additionally, the jammer is operated by a handheld device with a trigger. Though the purpose of using a camera jammer is justified in some places, it is vulnerable to wireless cameras also. Moreover, a jammer interrupts the photoshoot sessions and disrupts the camera’s workability.

Meanwhile, if you are in the range of a camera jammer, then you might face complexities when shooting. So the concern about how to stop a camera jammer rises. We considered this issue and discussed how to stop a camera jammer below. Check it on!

What Is A Camera Jammer And How It Affects Photography

The term “camera jammer” refers to someone or something that interferes with your camera and prevents you from taking pictures or filming videos. You can be physically blocked from seeing them by shining a bright light on your lens, making loud noises, or shining an intense light on your camera lens. 

It will make it difficult for you to take photos and may ruin your shots. Sometimes, it may be someone who intentionally walks in front of the camera or interrupts you in some way when you are taking a picture.

Accordingly, camera jammers can make various effects on your photos and videos. Your photos may turn out blurry, overexposed, or even completely block your view. Moreover, camera jammers can cause disruption and harm. The aggressive nature of the attackers can flash you and cause you to drop your camera.

How to Stop a Camera Jammer (4 Effective Ways)

How to Stop a Camera Jammer

It is illegal to use jammers, but there are some ways to avoid them. Here are some of them that might help you to stop a camera jammer.

  • Use Stronger Signal

A strong signal is the only way to mitigate the effect of someone jamming your Wi-Fi network, where your security cameras are connected. There is always a winner when the strongest signal is present.

  • Use Software-Defined Radio (SDR)

If this does not work, use a software-defined radio (SDR) to record the jamming and give it to law enforcement. Cameras that record locally or that work with a wired connection might be the best choice if the jamming device interferes with image transmission.

  • Use Faraday Cage

It’s impossible to do much if the jamming device interferes with the camera, preventing it from capturing the image. It might be helpful to enclose the camera in a Faraday cage if it is electrical. Any filter can help with optical problems, such as strong infrared light.

  • Use Foiled Cable

Replace the cable used to install the camera with a shielded one, such as a foiled cable. However, if it is wireless, you will need help to change it. So, the only option is to change the frequency, install a secure network with a wide frequency setting, or jump to another frequency.

The Steps You Can Take If You Suspect Jamming Activity

By now, you know what to do when a jamming activity happens with your camera. But what should you do when you see someone else being a victim of jamming or suspecting something of jamming activity?

You can file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission if you suspect someone is using or selling, or even viewing illegal signal blockers as jamming devices. Your first step should be to contact the Enforcement Bureau. But before that, remember to note something as.

  • Keep a list of the dates and times of incidents if there are multiple incidents.
  • Retailer or website name.
  • Name of the person involved with selling or operating the jamming device.
  • Provides evidence that a jammer is in use
  • Almost every website has a “report abuse” or “flag” link. You can note illegal activity if you find a site offering jamming devices by clicking one of these. 


Based on our detailed discussion, we can assure you that while jamming isn’t completely preventable, taking the above steps will help you stay one step ahead to prevent it. 

To protect ourselves, we must obey laws prohibiting these devices, look out for one another, and report any persons who may be intercepting signals in an unsavory manner.

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