Pricing – Pixels NYC

Pixels NYC is a world-class photo post-processing service provider based in New York. Here we provide top-notch high-end photo retouching services using the latest cutting-edge editing technologies. Our skillful professionals and support team works 24/7 to ensure you a flawless image editing experience.


+1 (718) 717-2362

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  • Basic- 25 Images

  • $ 1.00

    Per Credit
  • Our pricing is as simple as it looks. For projects with up to 25 images, we charge $1.00/image. You can pick any or multiple image editing services for your photo and we will provide you a flat rate.
  • Advanced- 100+ Images

  • $ 0.79

    Per Credit
  • For busy clients who have image editing projects with a bulk amount of images (100+), we offer full-fledged image editing at the industry’s bottom rate.