Why Is My Instax Mini 7s Blinking Red

Instax cameras are Fujifilm’s flagship instant cameras that help to keep moments alive forever. And Instax mini 7 is one of the most recognized and sold from the Instax series. This camera is simple and pretty easy to operate. Also, they are so durable and inbuilt. 

But sometimes, these simple devices also make trouble. And one of the most typical troubles they make is blinking the red light. Apparently, there are several responsible reasons that might keep you thinking, why is my Instax Mini 7s blinking red? 

And we have compiled this article discussing all the reasons for this problem and ways to fix them. 

Reasons Why Is Instax Mini 7s Blinking Red

The Instax Mini 7 runs in a pretty easy mechanism with its hardy-built quality. There are very few features in the camera body compared with other camera types. Lights are the essential features of all. Those lights placed in the camera indicate every situation of the camera. Mostly you will notice red and green lights. The red lights are there to suggest the trouble the camera is having. Apparently, there are 2 common reasons for the red light blinking. That is:

The Expired Or Misplaced Batteries

The expired battery is the most common and foremost reason for the Instax Mini 7s red light blinking. However, a misplaced battery can be a reason. Likely, the camera manual says you can use a pair of AA batteries to capture 100 shots which count as 10 rolls of 10 films each. Moreover, in each film, there is a demo shot which counts 110 shots in 10 film cartridges. So, it will not be a surprise if the batteries expire earlier.

Also, sometimes, the camera batteries get loosened because of the traveling and movement. And that can also be a legit reason for the blinking of the red light of the camera.

Solution: in the case of an expired or misplaced battery, the solution is quite simple. All you have to do is change the batteries by sliding the battery cover from the side of the camera. However, we suggest trying to remove and place the batteries first so you can ensure the batteries are not misplaced and expired. Seemingly, why spend more when you have left with some clicks already?

Note: We suggest using rechargeable batteries with Instax mini cameras. Or, you can always keep a pair of AA cells on the kit for an emergency.

Broken Or Damaged Parts

Red symbolizes danger as well as emergency. And it is not different in the case of the Instax Mini 7 cameras. If any part of the camera lags or gets damaged by any means, then the red light will blink. It happens when you accidentally bump the camera anywhere, and the viewfinder and other essential parts seem to be in trouble working. And when the trouble occurs, the red light of the camera blinks. 

Solution: The solution to breaking or damaging any part of the camera is to change the parts following the replacement guidelines provided by the manufacturer. In addition, if you are not an expert in such jobs, it is better to hand over this job to a professional.

5 Tips To Maintain Your Instax Mini 7 Properly

As you already know, the Instax Mini 7 is an easy camera device to deal with. But needs proper care if intended to last longer. To keep the machine going for a long time, you must maintain the device properly. So follow these tips to go forward:

  1. Change the batteries on time after 100 clicks, as indicated by the manufacturer.
  2. Clean your camera regularly as the machines can get jammed after using a while which can lead to jamming of the operations.
  3. Place the film correctly, matching the golden color mark on the camera’s body.
  4. Always keep in check how many shots you are left with.
  5. Handle the camera carefully when traveling so it doesn’t get any unwanted bumps. A safer option is to use a good-sized case.

What does the S mean on Instax?

In the Instax mini camera, you will notice a mini display at the back of the camera beside the film counter. On that display, you will see the letter “S” before loading the film. The letter indicates the sample film you will get on the first click. Notably, you will get a sample blank shot in each film cartridge.

Should you refrigerate Instax film?

It is a wise decision to refrigerate the Instax film. The film of instant cameras is very temperature sensitive and requires a cool and dry place to be stored. Storing the film in the refrigerator keeps the film dry and cool as the recommended temperature to store movies is 5-104 degree Celsius.

Does Fujifilm expire?

As with everything, the Fujifilm Instax Instant films also expire. The expiry date remains mostly on the side of the film’s box. However, if you store the films properly, they can last up to a year after the expiry date.

Can Instax cameras get wet?

The Instax cameras are not waterproof, so water can destroy the cameras. However, a bit of water splash will not harm the camera, but soaking in water will surely do.

What happens if I expose my film to light?

The undeveloped films of the Fujifilm camera are light-sensitive. So, if you keep the undeveloped film exposed to light, the film will get burned. Anyway, the developed films are at no risk of getting burned.


The blinking of the red light in your Instax Mini 7 is not a bad sign after all. It is only a reminder of malfunction in the camera’s operations. So, follow our instructions if your camera’s red light is blinking. Most see a professional if any parts of the camera are broken if you are not an expert in changing. Also, do not forget to apply the tips if you want to keep the camera going for a long.

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