Best Nikon Camera With WiFi That Transfers File Faster

Countless beginner photographers don’t take on challenging projects due to long file transfers. Turns out you could transfer files via an online connection directly from cameras. Thanks to Nikon’s Wi-Fi-connected camera unit, it’s now easier.

We have discussed with experts and sorted out the best Nikon camera with wifi to get into. These units give you spot-on performance with fast running wifi connection. As a consequence, you don’t need to spend time waiting for cable transfer at all. Transferring video and image files will be seamless at its best.

List of The Best Nikon Camera With WiFi

Best Nikon Camera With WiFi

Wifi is a must on camera units nowadays. When you have made up your mind, make sure to go through our in-depth listing. We have gone into the upside and downside and found out which will best suit you. Let’s dig deep.

1. Best for Faster Processing: Nikon Z 6II FX-Format Mirrorless Camera

With wifi, making sharper and more stunning images is much easier on the following Nikon DSLR. It has wifi and other facilities you would ever want to have. The full name of the camera unit stands for Nikon D7500 20.9MP DSLR Camera.

Dissecting features and other aspects, the lens has 24.5 MP of Effective Still Resolution. It’s enough to provide you with 4K Ultra HD video quality. As a result, your images will be of higher quality than ever.

The Mirrorless form factor of the DSLR offers you the perfect images possible. But, perhaps, mirrorless cameras provide you with the luxury of having the best possible images on the go. 

Dual EXPEED 6 Image Processors give you the power of two different processors. With the power of these two processors, you get better and faster image processing. As a result, the images will be available faster than any other DSLR camera. 

Talking more about the focus, it has a 273-Point Phase-Detect AF System. As a result, you don’t need to dig deep into the settings to get the perfect focus. After you get the images done, you could transfer via Bluetooth, wifi, USB, HDMI, and GPS as well.

One thing to consider about the camera is it requires an additional 15W power brick to work with chargers with USB-C charging ports. 

Why Do We Love It

Comes with software update already installed

Sharper autofocus

Ways to understand menu design

Faster image processing 

Why We Don’t Like It

You need 15W power brick with USB-C charging

It’s a bit hard to use on one hand

2. Best for Optical Zoom: Nikon Z 6II FX-Format Mirrorless Camera Body

Let’s review the latest Nikon Z 6II FX-Format Mirrorless Camera Body Black. It’s an elegant and stylish mirrorless DSLR from Nikon. It has a stunning screen size of 3.2 Inches. In addition, The lens provides you with super efficient connectivity.

Going more into the connectivity, the camera is able to connect via Bluetooth, wifi, USB, HDMI, and GPS. It will help you get your transfer done without using any physical storage transfer.

On the other hand, if you like to zoom, the lens offers 1.0 Multiplier x of optical zooming range. As it’s an optical zoom, you can capture Full Frame (35mm) photo sensor size without cropping.

The USB-C constant power charging lets you charge your camera without any hassle. It helps you when you are in the wild and doing photographic projects. A vertical battery grip will help you capture better vertical compositions.

FTZ mount adapter makes it perfect for F-mount NIKKOR lenses. Apart from that, the DSLR is perfect for Z-mount lenses by default. 

Even though the unit is a quality DSLR, it’s a bit expensive. If you are professional, going for the following unit would be great. But if you are just starting, it might seem a bit pricey to start. 

Why Do We Love It

Better wifi connectivity 

Precise optical zoom

Has Touch Screen

Larger screen

Why We Don’t Like It

Expensive Gear

Don’t have a built-in focusing motor

3. Best for Different View of Angle: Nikon D7500 20.9MP DSLR Camera

The following section explores the Nikon D7500 20.9MP DSLR Camera with AF-S DX NIKKOR. It’s a quality camera unit capable of offering you the 4K Ultra HD. But, on the other hand, if you are capturing images on lower qualities like 1080p Full HD video.

The Focal length of 35 mm is ideal for creating a better image captured at a decent distance. However, you will get 1.5x on lenses with FX-format view angle. So it gives you the luxury to get a different sort of view of angle according to the lens you use. 

The 51-point AF system of the camera comes with 15 cross-type sensors. As it provides you with better autofocus, you capture moments as seamlessly as possible.

If you are looking for max resolution, the following DSLR camera offers you 16 megapixels. It’s more than enough to generate spot-on images without a huge file size of files. In addition, the 5x Optical Zoom makes sure you get full resolution even with full zoom.

One aspect being noted is that its manual is not well scripted. As a result, the instructions are not as clear as they should be. But, with a little bit of research online, you would be fine using the DSLR.

Why Do We Love It

Offer different angles of views

Improved buffer on camera

Supports Ultra 4K resolution

Display is tiltable 

Why We Don’t Like It

The instruction manual is a bit vogue 

Don’t have a dual-card slot

4. Best for Selfie: Nikon Z50 Compact Mirrorless Digital Camera

The following lens unit is called the Nikon Z50 Compact Mirrorless Digital Camera. It comes with a Bluetooth wifi connectivity feature that will serve you well to transfer files from your camera. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to connect their DSLR unit to the internet.

With a screen size of 3.2 Inches, you can create better compositions without any issues. In addition, the APS-C photo sensor size ensures you create stunning images immediately.

Plus, the camera unit consists of a “Selfie” flip-down touch LCD screen. So, perhaps, you can also capture a selfie while watching the real-time output. In addition, the built-in flash helps you to make the selfie brighter.

Coming onto the compatibility, it’s well suited with Nikkor Z lenses. In addition, the camera unit is well running on additional F Mount NIKKOR Lenses. A complete list of compatibility convinces you to start using the camera unit.

Set aside these amazing camera benefits, the camera doesn’t offer image stabilization on Z lenses, which is why you need to find a workaround to work with the Z lenses. 

Why Do We Love It

Flippable LCD

Compatible with Z lenses with the help of an adapter

Great for selfie capturing

Don’t need extra flash

Why We Don’t Like It

Stabilization doesn’t work on Nikon Z lenses  

Does Not come with a casing

5. Best for Vlog: Z fc DX-Format Mirrorless Camera

If you are a fan of classic tactile design on the lens, grab one of the following DSLR camera models. Its name stands for Z fc DX-Format Mirrorless Camera. It’s a modern camera with a retro vibe on it. 

Talking about the connectivity, it supports wifi and HDMI cable as well. It offers both options to transfer your images from your camera to your storage. Even though the Effective Still Resolution of the camera is about 20.9 MP, transferring files will not be an issue.

As the camera supports the Nikon SnapBridge app, you can transfer your files faster and more easily than ever. 

When it comes to screen sizes, the DSLR has a 3 Inches screen. Comparing it to the other DSLR cameras, it’s decent enough for wide-angle shots. On the other hand, the lens has proper image stabilization, so you could also do proper videography.

Set aside these benefits, the Bluetooth connectivity of the camera is weaker. It does work, but you need to put extra effort into transferring your files via Bluetooth. 

Why Do We Love It

Lightweight camera unit

Has a specific app for photo transfer

Classic design 

Better for vlogging 

Why We Don’t Like It

Weaker Bluetooth connectivity

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6. Best for Traveling: Nikon D750 FX-format Digital SLR Camera Body

In the following section, we will discuss the Nikon D750 FX-format Digital SLR Camera Body. It comes with built-in Wireless Communication Technology that offers your wifi connectivity all the time. 

Along with that, the DSLR unit comes with full-resolution frame-size image capturing. Counting on pixels, its highest resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. In addition, the camera has a 243-megapixel CMOS image sensor to enhance the photo capturing process.

Manually controlling ISO ensures you get better images no matter how much light you have. Plus, shooting at 65 fps gives better video quality as well. It doesn’t create any buffering at all within the video. Nikon’s powerful 51-point AF system makes the view more seamless than ever.

If you like to travel, the SLR offers you a lightweight unit. Its weight is close to 1.65 lbs. Along with that, the unit offers a carrying pouch for the best traveling experience.

But, the SLR unit’s settings are a bit complicated. Even so, the unit has loads of settings that must go right to get better images. So, it might seem a bit complicated for beginners.

Why Do We Love It

Processes image faster 

Lesser buffering in video capture

Highly customizable settings

Easy to carry on hand

Why We Don’t Like It

A bit complicated to adjust the settings

SD card slots are a bit fragile

7. Best for Timelapse Videos: Nikon D7500 DX-Format Digital SLR Body

Introducing you to the Nikon D7500 DX-Format Digital SLR Body, which comes with spot-on connectivity. It’s a Nikon SLR with wifi; it offers you Bluetooth signals, which are stronger, unlike any other camera unit.

The 51-point AF system of the camera unit is an ideal combination for timelapse videos. To our surprise, The unit offers 4k UHD resolution on both images and videos. Moreover, EXPEED 5 image processing makes the output come faster than usual. 

The following unit comes onto the display: tilting the LCD screen. The screen is sharp and brighter, giving you the perfect preview composition. The tilting screen allows you to point the digital camera in any direction possible.

DX-format compatibility offers you the option to attach a wide range of lenses. Alongside it, the camera unit is high in durability. It will withstand 32 °f to 104 °f of temperature and 85% humidity.

Going onto the drawbacks, the camera’s default user manual is a bit tough to understand. Plus, the camera interface might freeze up occasionally. But on the bright side, the freezing issue only stays for a few seconds.

Why Do We Love It

Affordable unit

Higher resolution images

Tiltable LCD screen

Better Bluetooth connection

Why We Don’t Like It

Unclear user manual

Occasionally freezes up 

8. Best for Affordable Pricing: Nikon COOLPIX P610 Digital Camera

When you are on edge about the budget of the Nikon lens, come check out the following lens. It has aggressive pricing and is named the Nikon COOLPIX P610 Digital Camera. But, don’t get me wrong, it still has loads of features to discuss.

Like, the 60x optical zoom super gives you the finest zooming. Perhaps, it doesn’t downgrade its image quality as it’s an optical zooming kit. In addition, talking about Dynamic Fine Zoom has 120x.

Not to forget, it has solid wireless connectivity with wifi. In addition, you get near-field communication technology within the camera unit as well. It makes the file transferring process much more seamless than anyone can imagine.

The built-in GPS of the unit will help you navigate unexplored terrains and take pictures of them. It makes the unit perfect for traveling. EN-EL23 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery ensures durable performance even in remote areas.

EH-71P Charging AC Adapter/Charger is more robust in providing power. In addition, it quickly charges your Nikon camera without any issues.

Meanwhile, having older firmware is a bit lacking in the following lens kit. This is why updating the firmware must be the way to go. Plus, we have had a hard time getting the video preview in manual mode.

Why Do We Love It

Has robust charger 

Great for traveling

Offer superior grip

Spot-on optical zooming

Why We Don’t Like It

Has Older Firmwares

Video preview in manual mode is not available 

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What to Consider While Choosing Nikon wifi Camera

While buying out, you should consider some of its common aspects. Evaluating these points will lead you to a better buying process. No matter how large or small your budget is, finding the best unit will be a lot faster.


Many of us might miss out on the firmware aspect. We have seen the old firmware issues on the latest camera unit of Nikon, which is why it’s a must to check out the cameras’ firmware. Also, units with older firmware updates might be troublesome to transfer files via wifi.

Even if the firmware is older, you must check out if the firmware is available for further updates. In case it has the option to update to a newer version, you could go on to take out the camera. All in all, you need to consider choosing a camera unit with the latest firmware update possible.

Additional Wireless Connectivity

Having a better wifi-enabled DSLR is the key, but you must also look out for other connectivity. For example, most wifi-connected cameras have weaker Bluetooth signals. So in case you work in remote locations, having a proper Bluetooth signal is key. 

Depending solely on wireless file transfer might not always be efficient. Of course, having HDMI cable support is a plus for any photographer. But at the same time, if you are doing photography in a modern studio, you might not need cable at all. Wifi will do the trick in these cases.

Optical Vs. Digital Zoom

With DSLR, we often confuse optical zoom with digital. Let me clear it for you, a camera unit with optical zoom doesn’t crop out image resolution. Instead, it stays on to its resolution no matter how much you zoom into a frame. As a result, you get a better image despite zooming.

Digital zoom, on the other hand, crops out your image when zoomed in. It crops out the image resolution, so it’s not a good idea to use a digital zoom camera unit. Stay with a manual zoom, and you will get the sharpest focus possible with your camera.

Video Resolution

Do you love to shoot in UHD or 4K? If you are aiming for timelapse videos, better go for UHD. But, at the same time, if you don’t need lower resolution, you might get a 180p or similar sort of video resolution camera. But if you are doing videos for a live stream, never go for low resolution.

At the same time, you need to be aware of the file size. As the video resolution goes high, so does its file size. To transfer its high-res files, you need to have a wifi connection. Having HDMI file transfer is always a plus in these scenarios. 

What Are The Best Nikon Cameras with wifi and Bluetooth?

Units such as the Nikon D7500 DX-Format Digital SLR Body are the best way to get better Bluetooth signals. At the same time, the following unit’s wifi signal is also the strongest. So these kinds of lenses are the answer to all of your requirements.

Which DSLR is Best For Portrait Photography?

Considering our listings, we would like to recommend Nikon Z 6II FX-Format Mirrorless Camera Body Black. It has the best possible optical lens mechanism possible. Which makes the lens best for portrait photography tasks.

How Can You Transfer Photos Over wifi?

Most of the Nikon lenses come with the Nikon SnapBridge app. These kinds of apps will assist you in file transfer sessions. It offers you seamless methods to transfer files as easily as possible. But the only trade-off is you need a robust wifi connection to get better results.


That was our take on the best Nikon camera with wifi. When you have the best possible wifi cameras, transferring files would be a lot easier than any other method. You only need a decent online connection, and everything will go your way.

Apart from wifi connectivity, these cameras can give you better images and videos. Thus, these are great cameras with countless features. These features are the aspect a photographer would crave for. So, go on and grab one of them from our listing. 

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