7 Best Extension Tubes For Nikon Cameras

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Among all the photography types, macro photography is the one every photographer craves. Whether the photographer is a pro or a newbie, everyone has a fascination with close shots. And the extension tubes are the tools to satisfy the cravings without spending much fortune. 

However, there are extension tubes available of different sizes and shapes. Also, some of them are made for specific cameras. So, which one will fit with your Nikon camera? Challenging to find, isn’t it? Not anymore; with these unique extension tubes for Nikon, we’ve chosen over hundreds. 

Moreover, we’ve included a buying guide in this article to help you choose extension tubes on your own, along with every related information you’ll need about the rings. So let’s roll it on!

What Is A Camera Extension Tube And Why Do You Need One

An extension tube or extension ring is an extension tool made for DSLR cameras to increase the length of the lenses. These add-ons are designed for getting macro shots with regular lenses. The extension tubes are an extra connector between the camera body and the lens, increasing the lens focal distance. Likely, the tubes are available in different sizes like 12mm, 14mm, 36mm, etc. moreover, they are available in sets of 2 or 3 most of the time. And each piece in the set contains rings of different sizes. So you can use them together and separately. 

The extension tubes are the alternatives to macro lenses. Sometimes to get close shots of insects or any miniature object like jewelry, the camera needs to be focused as close as possible. And because of the low focal length, the regular lenses cannot do that job. So, the extension tubes work as an aid here. These tubes increase the length of the length and make them able to get closer shots.

10 Best Extension Tubes For Nikon

Best Extension Tubes For Nikon

Extension tubes for Nikon cameras are not hard to find. But finding the best ones is a bit challenging. And we took that challenging task off your hands and listed these affordable and durable extension tubes for you.

1. Kenko Auto Extension Tube Set DG

Kenko extension tubes have always been the best choice regarding quality, price, and durability. And, this Set of DG 12mm, 20mm, and 36mm Tubes is not different with the toughest built quality and smoothest performance; this kit is worth every penny to spend on. 

Moreover, this ring set is specifically designed for Nikon AF Digital and Film Cameras, so you can use them in any old version camera you have. Also, this extension tube set enables autofocus means focusing on the object is not an issue. 

Yet, there is a bit issue you might face with the aperture adjustments as the tubes don’t have any optics mounted. But, for professionals who know the proper settings, it would not be an issue. 

Likely all the rings in the set you can use individually or together. However, the suggestion is not to use more than two together as it gets harder for the lens to focus properly.

When the features and specs are at their best, the question arises about the built quality. In this case, the built quality of the tubes is sturdy enough. These rings are built with hardy plastic and mounted with hard metal. So, this kit might end your quest to find the sturdy Kenko extension tubes for Nikon.


  • Strong and sturdy built quality.
  • Maximum Sharpness in the images.
  • Easy to attach and remove.


  • No caps are included in the package.

2. Kenko Auto Extension Tube Set DG

If you’re looking to add an extra telephoto lens to your camera body, the Kenko Teleplus DG Extension Tube Set is a great option. This set of three extension tubes comes with a variety of different diameters so that you can get the perfect shot for every occasion. In addition, the included adapters make it easy to use and connect your other lenses. 

Moreover, this Extension Tube Set is a great way to convert any lens into a Macro Lens. It is easy to use and has several different attachments, making it the perfect tool for any photographer. 

Additionally, The quality of the Extension Tube Set is impressive. These rings are built with sturdy plastic and metal. The tubes can withstand a lot of wear and tear, which is why they are an excellent choice for those needing a durable ring. 

Besides, It includes an automatic aperture control and TTL metering to keep track of your exposures without changing lenses. Plus, the tubes maintain accuracy even when the camera moves around. 

And, They have electrical contacts so you can connect different sensors to the extension tube, and they also have a built-in amplifier for boosting the audio signals from your cameras. 

Overall, this professional set of extension tubes is an excellent addition to your camera kit if you do not want to spend more but want to get the best macro shots.


  • Comes with all the protective cases.
  • Work efficiently altogether and individually.
  • Controls the focus and exposure automatically.


  • Feels heavier altogether.

3. Qiilu Auto Focus Macro Extension Tube for Fuji

The Qiilu Auto Focus Macro Extension Tube is a convenient and easy-to-use macro extension tube that you can easily use between Fuji G mount cameras and GFX mount lenses. It provides smooth, consistent autofocus and helps to reduce the amount of time needed to take photos with macro subjects.

In addition, this extension tube is a professional-grade ring spacer compatible with many professional cameras. It allows you to change your camera’s focus by moving the macro extension tube. This ring spacer is made from high-quality materials and is an excellent addition to any camera setup. 

Also, this one is an electronic extension tube that has built-in metal electronic contacts. In addition, the surface is electroplated to give it a durable and long-lasting operation. 

this Qiilu Extension Tube uses an electronic ball turret to maintain focus while taking pictures or videos. However, this system has some quirks: for one, it can require some calibration to get it working correctly, and for another, the autofocus speed isn’t as fast as other systems. And this system offers a more advanced approach compatible with AE mode and gives you a much greater range of creative control over your photos and videos. 

Overall, this single extension tube is a complete package for the ones looking for some professional stuff. Though it may seem a bit pricier compared to others, the performance and built quality of this spacer ring are worth its price.


  • Easy to mount and use.
  • Materials are super solid and long-lasting.
  • Works perfectly for professional use.


  • Only single tube, so no variation.

4. Kenko Extension Tube Set DG Nikon Spacer Ring Set

Another unique extension tube kit by Kenko with three spacer rings and all the additional attachments. Unlike other Kenko products, this one also has the best-built hard plastic and metal quality. Also, this quality extension tube kit is affordable enough for every photo enthusiast.

This spacer Ring Set is perfect for Nikon AF Digital and Film Cameras. The set comes with three rings and essential caps. The rings help correct focusing issues on digital cameras and provide extra flexibility when using film cameras with their autofocus feature. 

One common issue with extension tubes is that the aperture adjustments can be challenging to make. However, the rings are easy to use and fit any camera lens, so there’s no need to worry about how they’ll look on your camera. 

A Nikon Spacer Ring Set is an excellent addition to anyone’s camera equipment. The set includes four rings ideal for attaching lens turrets or other accessories. However, it is vital to know the possible disadvantages of using these rings together. Firstly, you can only use each ring separately; secondly, they may not fit all camera settings.

Altogether, If you are looking for an affordable option that will allow you to use all the rings in the set, then the Kenko Extension Tube Set is an excellent option to consider.


  • Works with all the Nikon lenses except the Z mirrorless ones.
  • Protective caps come with the set.
  • Focusing on these tubes is super easy.


  • Heavier than usual.

5. Zeikos ZE-CVAFN Auto Focus Macro Extension Tubes for Nikon

The Zeikos ZE-CVAFN Macro Extension Tubes for Nikon are perfect for taking photos of flowers, bugs, and other small items with miniature detail. The tubes have a built-in focus motor to keep things moving and help you get the perfect shot every time. In addition, with eight different magnification levels, you can find the perfect focal length for your needs.

Also, These tubes allow you to take better photos by easily autofocusing your camera. They come with an enabled auto-focusing feature that means no more hunting for focus points, and this makes taking better photos a breeze.

If you are thinking about the usability of the Zeikos macro extension tubes, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, each tube comes with adjustment options to adjust to your desired depth of focus. 

Additionally, each tube is weatherproof and has a built-in light meter for measuring the exposure time. So whether you’re shooting photos outdoors or using them indoors, Zeikos’s ZE-CVAFN extensions make your photography experience much easier and more fun.

If you’re a Nikon shooter, there’s no question that you need to have this extension tube for your camera. This is specifically designed for Nikon cameras, so if something goes wrong with your other macro gear, this is the perfect replacement. Plus, it’s affordable, so you can keep your other gear while you upgrade to this fantastic macro accessory.


  • Easy to use and mount.
  • Comes within an affordable price range.
  • Works perfectly with the regular 18-55mm lenses.


  • Doesn’t feel suitable for long time usage.

6. Vello Auto Extension Tube Set for Nikon

An extension tube set that contains everything, and it needs to be under an affordable price range is this one. This spacer ring set by Vello is perfect for practicing photographers using old model Nikon cameras. Likely, this set contains three rings of different sizes of 12mm, 20mm, and 36mm with the essential caps needed. Also, all the tubes are functional individually and together, so you can try shots from considerable distances.

Additionally, all the ring spacers in this set have an enabled auto-focusing feature which means no issues with adjusting the focal length. Moreover, the exposure compatibility of the rings ensures effortless aperture control for the photographers.

Furthermore, if you think these low-budget rings may increase the weight of your camera, then no worries. The metal mountings and plastic body make these rings very light and add almost no weight to the camera.

As we have already said, these spacer rigs are made for practicing photographers, they consist of alignment markers so every unprofessional hand can place the rigs efficiently. 

accordingly, these extension tubes fit every Nikon DSLR and F mount lens. However, aside from all the features, there’s an issue with these tubes: they are not compatible with Nikon D5000 series cameras. keeping this thing aside, this set of extension tubes is a perfect choice within budget.


  • Compatible with all Nikon lenses.
  • The mounting and finish are super smooth.
  • Very light in weight.


  • Not a good fit for professional use.

7. JJC Nikon Z Mount Auto Focus Automatic Extension Tubes

This pair of extension tubes by JJC is the one perfectly fitted for you if the camera you’re holding is a Nikon Z mirrorless. Surprisingly, this pair is the most budget-friendly extension tube on this list. 

Also, they are mountable on all Nikon mirrorless cameras. Moreover, In this extension tube kit, you’ll get two 11mm and 16mm extension rings, a body cap, a rear lens cap, and a storage pouch. 

Additionally, these tubes weigh only 147 grams means the weight of an iPhone 6, so you will not free the camera to be extra heavy. Finally, though these rings are low priced, they have the autofocus feature, which means no worries with the focal adjustments. Accordingly, you will also get the exposure capability feature in this extension tube, so the images will not get distorted.

Besides, if you are thinking about usability, both the rings in this kit are separately usable. Either you can use them individually, or you can use them both attached. Therefore, the durability is not also a concern with the strong brass and metal built quality of this pair of Nikon Z extension tubes. 

This ring kit by JJC is a complete package with only one issue I faced, which is the length. Compared to others on this list the length is a bit low. But no worries, you can still take the best macro shots using these rings together.


  • Fits within the budget for everyone.
  • Compatible with Z mirrorless cameras.
  • Comes with every necessary attachment.


  • Built quality isn’t satisfactory.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Extension Tubes For Nikon

Extension tubes are simple camera attachments. They do not have many attachments and don’t require an investigation to buy. Yet, there are some essential things you have to look at to ensure you get the best quality extension tubes for your Nikon camera. Those are:

The Manufacturer

The first thing you have to look for when sorting out your shortlist to buy is the manufacturer or brand. There are many brands in the market making spacer rings. But, recognized brands make high-quality ones as always. 

In this market of extensions, the most known brands are Kenko, Qiilu, JJC, etc. they have been making these attachments for a long time and make the ones that show unique craftsmanship. Though the products from these mentioned brands may cost you a bit more than the non-branded ones, their product quality is unquestionable. So, whenever you want to choose one for yourself, go by the brand name.

The Type

The next thing after sorting the brand you have to look for is the type. Generally, there are two types of extension tubes available the electrical ones and the manual ones. 

The electrical ones establish contact between the lens and the camera, making focusing easy and having better aperture control. On the other hand, the manual ones are just spacers that create a gap between the lens and the camera. So, choosing the electrical ones is the right option. It ensures better usability and offers effortless shots.


Extension tubes fall in the category of camera attachments you might not buy every second month. So, ensuring the best quality before buying is a must. To determine which will last longer, you must check the built material and the mounting type. Most good-quality spacer rings are made of hard plastic, and the mountings are made of metal. 

The metal mounting is easy to install and fits appropriately with the camera. Also, they do not decay as you must attach and remove the spacer rings more frequently than other camera parts. That’s why check the ones you buy are made of good material and well-finished on the edges.

Size And Number Of Rings

The extension tubes mostly come in sets of two or three. Exceptionally you might find one. Remember, the more rings men more variations in distances you will get. And more variation in distances means an increased chance of experimentations. 

Mainly, the two-ring set contains rings of 14mm and 18mm sizes. Also, these are less pricier. And the three-ring sets contain three rings of 12mm, 20mm, and 36 mm. Accordingly, the single ring sets consist of rings of 45mm. However, these sizes are not fixed and can vary depending on the manufacturer. 

So, when choosing the extension tubes, always go for ones you think are right for you. We suggest going for the three-ring set as they offer more variations and are comparatively not so pricey. But, you can go for the single rings if you do not like to take much hassle adjusting the focal length.


Once you are done with other things, come to look for the attachments you will get in the set. You will commonly get body caps, tube caps, and a storage pouch in the right set. The protective caps will protect the caps from dirt and debris when not used. Also, they will help to keep away the fungal invasion. And the storage pouches will be helpful to store the extension tubes. When choosing your spacer ring set, always ensure you get the caps. The pouch you can ignore, but the protective caps are essential.

Does Nikon make extension tubes?

Nikon does make extension tubes but in essential qualities. They only make extension tubes for a particular model of lenses like Nikon Ai, Ai-s, AF, AF-D, and AF-S (D-type). Also, the extension tubes made by Nikon are all manual and have no electrical contact with the camera. So, you must set the aperture manually when using the spacer rings by Nikon.

Which lens is best for extension tubes?

extension tubes function efficiently with lenses of low focal length. The lenses ranging from 24mm to 100mm would work best. And, the spacer rings don’t function properly with the telescopic lenses.

How do extension tubes work with macro lenses?

The extension tubes work with the macro lenses by creating more space between the lens and the camera body. Likely, the space created by the tubes makes the object closer without increasing the zoom range. 

Do extension tubes increase zoom?

Extension tubes don’t increase the zoom but magnify by increasing the lens’s focal length. As the extension tubes are used for macro shots, the manual increase in the zoom might affect the Sharpness of the image. So, the extension tubes don’t zoom but magnify.


There is a lot going on in photography, either as a profession or as a passion. Initially, you can start with a camera, but gradually you will need different attachments to get variations in images. From those different types of captures, macro shots are the ones every photographer wants to try on. And getting one of these extension tubes for Nikon you’ve gone through would be your first step to getting the best macro shots with good Sharpness and fantastic depth.

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