How To Remove Sticky Residue From Camera In 5 Minutes

We photographers all agree that the camera gets a sticker with usage. As a result, it starts to feel itchier on the finger, and focusing on the photography becomes harder. But have you ever wondered how to remove sticky residue from camera gear? Let’s find it out right now.

Cleaning up the sticky residue from the camera can lead to better productivity throughout your projects, which is why you should consider cleaning up your little photographic friend from time to time.

In addition, we are gonna explore how to prevent the sticky residue from building up on the camera.

What Are Sticky Residues On Camera?

Sticky residues are the little dirt particles and sticky elements that get stuck on the exterior of the camera.  This sticky residue results from a reaction on the surface of the rubber grip. Among the main causes is intense usage of the camera. Outdoor and wedding photographers get to experience it the most.

Upon touching these residues, it would also create irritation, which is why cleaning them off is better to improve your productivity while doing photography. Plus, you need to work on the main causes of the sticky residue. Keep your hands clean, keep the camera in a safe place and remove the residue most often.

Steps on How To Remove Sticky Residue From Camera

Remove Sticky Residue From Camera

Let’s review some steps of removing sticky residue from the surface of the camera gear that only takes 5 minutes. The cleaning process is not as tough as you might think, so it’s best to try the cleaning steps right now.

Step 1: Buy A Rubbing Alcohol

At the first step of the process, you must buy a rubbing alcohol unit from your nearest shop. You have quite a few brands of rubbing alcohol. For example, Webcol Alcohol Preps, Medpura Hand Sanitizer, and Curity Alcohol Preps are some of the best-rubbing alcohol brands to consider.

Meanwhile, don’t overcomplicate the process. Any simple rubbing alcohol would do the trick for you. Only ensure the product is well in shape and has plenty of time before the expiry date. 

Step 2: Apply the Rubbing Alcohol

Right now, manage a dry towel you will use to clean up the camera gear rubber surface. You could use tissue paper instead when you have smaller space to cover. However, it should not be dirty at any cost. Always use fresh and dry material to clean off the.

When you are ready with the towel, open the rubbing alcohol bottle and pour it into the towel. Don’t over-pour the alcohol as you need a little bit of it. Once done, rub the alcohol solution on the camera surface, which has a sticky residue. 

Step 3: Let the Camera Surface Dry

After completing the cleaning session, let the camera surface dry. Even though rubbing alcohol evaporates after usage, it’s better to wait. Don’t touch the cleaned surface as it would help remove the sticky substance faster.  

Once you wait at least 2-3 minutes, take the camera and start using it. You will not feel any sticky residue at all. The surface will be clean, and free of any sort of sticky substance. Perhaps, you could focus more on the shooting process than on your fingers. 

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Downside Of Removing Sticky Residue From Camera Grip

Cleaning up the camera surface with rubbing alcohol might seem a good idea, but it also has some downsides. You need to be aware of these drawbacks as well. Below we have pointed out the potential drawbacks of using rubbing alcohol on camera surfaces:

  • Using rubbing alcohol on the camera surface can reduce the grip of the rubber surface.
  •  It could turn the rubber surface into plastic and make the surface lose its rubber characteristics. 


Let’s take on some of the questions altogether. 

How To Remove Sticky Residue From Electronics Part of Camera?

While cleaning out the electronic parts, try to clean them off with microfiber cloths. If you are rubbing alcohol, try to be as minimal as possible. Using a high amount of rubbing alcohol might damage the electronic part of the camera.

How to Prevent Camera Surface From Building Up Sticky Residue?

One of the best ways to prevent sticky surfaces is to regularly clean the camera body exterior. It will ensure the rubber will not get a sticky substance. Along with that, make sure you place your camera in a better place. Taking care of the camera will help you avoid making the camera surface sticky. 

Why Does Camera Rubber Surface Get Sticky with Time?

Because the rubber surface starts to deteriorate with time, as you are doing professional photography, the rubber surface gets dirtier with heavy usage. However, when the rubber gets exposed to dust and sweat from your hand, the rubber surface gets even stickier.


Enough of wondering; now you have the answer on how to remove sticky residue from the camera. Hence, you must clean up the camera regularly. Because it would improve your productivity, in addition, it will help lengthen the camera’s lifetime as well.

All in all, it’s a good idea to clean up your camera gear often. While cleaning off the dust and other particles, ensure you don’t overuse rubbing alcohol. Other than that, everything will be fine to continue. So, check out your camera and clean it up if it seems dirty. 

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