Sony A7II Shutter Count [An In-Depth Guide!]

In the world of photography, the Sony A7II camera holds a distinguished place. No matter whether you’re new, an enthusiast in this world, or already a seasoned professional, knowing the shutter count of A7II is important, as somehow it describes the condition of the camera. 

So, as for the Sony A7II shutter count, it is about 200,000 actuations. That means, with the A7II camera of the Sony, you can have anywhere between 200k pictures before the shutter statistically fails out. 

However, in today’s guide, we’ll dig deeper into the matter, like why it matters, and how you can check it. So scroll down!

What Is The Shutter Count Of Sony A7II Camera?

Sony A7ii Shutter Count

Shutter count- in simple words, it is the amount or number of times the specific camera has been fired. 

You know the shutters of every camera have a different life expectancy, just like how different vehicles have different mileage. 

Based on the type of camera, the shutter count ranges from 50,000 actuation for entry-level cameras and even 500,000 for the professional level. 

As for the Sony A7II, the modern mirrorless camera, the shutter count is about 200,000 actuation. 

That’s quite a lot for shooting. Surprisingly enough, even if you take pictures with your Sony A7II camera every day, it will take you 5 to 8 years to reach this expectancy. 

But it’s notable that most photographers, like professional or event photographers, are unlikely to reach the total shutter counts as they’ve to click more images per day. 

Moreover, sometimes the shutter lasts less due to dirt or dust getting into the mechanism or being unlucky and having a faulty shutter in the camera. 

Either way, the Sony A7II camera can be your good companion for the long run. It’s because the camera can go over the life expectancy without any major issues. 

So, don’t stress out about the shutter counts. Just keep going shooting!

How To Check The Sony A7II Camera Shutter Count?

How To Check The Sony A7II Camera Shutter Count

Counting the shutter count of your Sony A7II is not very hard and you don’t have to be tech-savvy to do the task. 

To know the shutter count of your camera you need a PC/ Mac, internet connection, and any of the below applications. 

Quick Steps:

Follow the below-mentioned three easy steps to check out the shutter count of the Sony A7II camera. 

  • Step 1: Take a RAW image with your Sony A7II camera. 
  • Step 2: Transfer the file to your PC/ Mac with a USB cable or SD card. 
  • Step 3: Now drop and drag the clicked image to any of the mentioned shutter count sites. It’ll show the shutter count of your Sony camera. 

That’s it! 

*Shutter counting sites are usually free and easy to use. But is the easiest one.

If you need any further assistance you can check the below video. 

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Why Does The Shutter Life Expectancy Of The Sony A7II Camera Even Matter?

Now that you know the shutter count of the Sony A7II camera, and ways to check it out, it is normal to have general uncertainty as to why the shutter count even matters. 

Although the shutter count of your A7II camera is not the true measurement of how well-maintained the camera is, it is still worth knowing. 

That’s because learning the shutter count of your camera allows you to gauge how long your A7II has before it reaches the point of giving out.

Moreover, shutter count is extremely important especially when you are buying or selling the old A7II. 

The shutter count at that time will assist you in determining the price value of the camera and whether the camera is worth enough to purchase or sell. 

A low shutter count indicates the camera is well cared for. Moreover, the low shutter counts of Sony camera prices are slightly higher than the high shutter counts.

Does The High Or Low Shutter Count Affect On The Sony A7II Camera’s Performance?

To be frank, the shutter count doesn’t even affect the performance of the Sony A7II camera. When the shutter count is high the image quality isn’t significantly decreased. 

However, it’s worth knowing that due to mechanical wear over time, there can be loss of precision, irregular light leaks, or blurred images. But that’s not noticeable as the Sony A7II lasts longer than its expectancy without significant issues. 

As for the low shutter count, the camera has been used less with less wear and tear. So, ultimately, you don’t have to worry about the performance of the Sony A7II camera with low shutter counts.

Should You Worry About The High Shutter Count Of The Sony A7II Camera?

So, should you stress out about the high shutter count of the Sony A7II camera? Not actually. 

Shutter counts of the cameras are just a basic determination of the average lifespan of the cameras. A higher shutter count doesn’t mean your Sony camera is in poor condition or is about to fail soon. 

Occasionally, situations arise where the camera malfunctions before reaching 90 to 95% of its anticipated lifespan, while in other instances, the camera continues to operate smoothly despite enduring over 200,000 actuations.

So, it is nothing to stress out. But it’s a considerable matter when buying or selling second hand.

What Will Happen If The Sony A7II Shutter Count Expectancy Reached Its Lifespan?

Generally speaking, there is no built-in limit in terms of shutter counts. Based on how you’ve used the camera, the camera will last thousands or hundreds of thousands of actuations. 

Manufacturers just estimate that to indicate the mean time before failure. So, even if your Sony A7II camera reaches its shutter life expectancy nothing much will happen. 

The camera will go on working just fine or normally even after it reaches that point. What matters is you keep going shooting and more importantly enjoying it. 

But if you’re a professional photographer it’ll be better to have a backup camera in this situation. It’s because no one can say when the camera leaves your luck! 

Moreover, only at the time, you have to worry about your camera is where the shutter breaks down and needs to be repaired.

Shutter Count Considerations For Buying A Used Sony A7II Camera


Well, you see it is important to get to know the shutter count when buying a used Sony A7II modern mirrorless camera. 

Here is some consideration that you should keep in mind while buying a used one. Check that out.  

#1. Shutter Count Rating Of The Manufacturer 

When buying a used A7II camera, you should get to know the shutter count rating provided by the manufacturer. 

It will give a conception of the remaining lifespan of the camera. Moreover, you can also get an idea about the shutter mechanism when it’s likely to wear out. 

#2. Shutter Count Range 

It is the most crucial factor when buying a used camera. Depending on usage, the shutter count of the camera varies. 

If the camera has a very high shutter count of about 100,000 or more, you should probably avoid buying it. 

That’s because it indicates that the camera has been extensively used. Sometimes it can be a cause of concern if you buy a camera with that high shutter count. 

So, check out the shutter count before buying it.   

  • You can either ask the owner to provide you the screenshot of the shutter count of the camera that is found on the menu of the camera or 
  • Verify it personally using any of the websites you have explored earlier.

#3. Type Of The Camera 

It is also a matter of consideration when buying a used camera. Generally, professional-level cameras have higher shutter counts compared to enthusiast-level or entry-level cameras. As for The Sony A7II camera, it is a semi-professional, general-purpose camera.

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