How to Reset an IP Camera Without Reset Button

A reset for an IP camera with a reset button is the way to go. But, still, you can do the task comprehensively without a reset button. You just need to follow the proper steps in order to perform the task. Do you wonder how?

Multiple ways you can reset your IP camera without a reboot switch. One of the simple ways is to disconnect the IP camera from the power source. You can also reset the camera by logging in with an IP address and doing a factory reset. 

No worries! We will deeply dive into how to reset your IP camera without a reset button. Stay tuned!

How To Reset IP Camera Without Reset Button?

First, you must go through the most basic and easiest way to reset your IP camera if you don’t have access to the reset button. Or, you mightn’t want to access it. And this is disconnecting the IP camera from the power source. 

Method 1: Unplug Your IP Camera From the Power Source

Unplug Your IP Camera From the Power Source

Your IP camera is connected over the internet to your mobile or computer. But in order to run the IP camera, you must ensure there is an electrical power supply. Moreover, the IP camera is connected to the power outlet to perform its operation. 

And when you disconnect the IP camera from the power outlet, it is supposed to be reset. Now follow the steps below; 

Step 1: Locate the power source of your IP camera. 

Step 2: Remove the power cord of your IP camera from the power outlet. Your camera might be connected to the PoE, and in this case, you need to unplug the PoE from your camera. If your IP camera comes with a battery, you should also remove it

Step 3: Wait 20-25 seconds after unplugging the IP camera power cable

Step 4: Plug your IP camera’s power line into the electrical socket. If you remove the battery of the IP camera, you need to insert it again. 

Step 5: Configure your IP camera setting. 

Method 2: Reset Your IP Camera by Web Interface

Reset Your IP Camera by Web Interface

No matter your IP camera, it should come with an IP address. And by using the IP address, you can log in to the camera’s web interface and, from there, can perform a factory reset. 

This can be an effective solution to how to reset ip camera without reset button.

Step 1: Locate the IP address of your camera on the configuration page. Besides, you can use the IP address finder tool to find out your camera’s IP address. Sometimes, you will find the IP address written on the camera based on its model.

Step 2: Open a web browser from your phone, computer, or laptop. 

Step 3: Type the camera’s IP address on the search bar.

Step 4: Type the username and the password.

Step 5: Go to the configuration page. 

Step 6: Select ‘Factory Reset’ to reset your camera without a reset button. 

Here you can check this video on factory resetting your IP camera from the web interface. 

Method 3: Use Mobile App to Reset Your Ip Camera

Use Mobile App to Reset Your Ip Camera

Some manufacturers offer mobile apps like ICSEE, Ezviza, and more to control and configure IP cameras. This is another possible method to reboot your IP camera without a reset button. 

Step 1: Open the mobile app compatible with your IP camera. You can explore the internet to check whether an app is available for your IP camera. 

Step 2: Search for the ‘Reset’ option in the app. 

Step 3: Tap the ‘Reset’ button to reset your IP camera. 

What Are Some Common Issues That Require Resetting an IP Camera? 

This is important. A meaningful purpose should lead you to reset your IP camera. Randomly resetting your IP camera won’t add value to your security system. Let’s know the manufacturer’s and expert’s perspectives. 

Problem #1: Network Issues 

Sometimes, you can experience that your IP camera is not connected to the WiFi network. And this could be the reason why you can’t access the camera from your phone or computer. In this case, resetting the IP camera can help resolve the issue. 

Chances are, the camera may be connected to the network, but there is not a stable internet connection. You can reset your IP camera to see whether the problem vanishes here, as it is a proven method. 

Problem #2: Camera Is Not Responding

Your IP camera doesn’t work as efficiently as you would expect. For example, when you tend to control your IP camera from any device, it doesn’t function accordingly. Or the recording quality can be very poor.

And this often happens due to many reasons. The camera’s firmware issue is one of them. Or there can be any issues with the configuration. 

Here, in this case, if you reset your IP camera, this could solve the issue unless there is any problem related to the hardware of your IP camera. 

Problem #3: When You Forget Your Ip Camera Password

Resting is a prominent method if you forget your IP camera’s password. When you factory reset your IP camera, this will determine all types of configuration, including the password you set. 

And then, you use the default password and can add a new one to access your IP camera. 

Is Resetting an IP Camera Without a Reset Button Good?

There is nothing wrong if you want to reset your IP camera without a reset button. Sometimes, it might happen that the reset button of your IP camera is not working. And in this case, you can go with the alternatives. 

Even though resetting the IP camera is way more convenient with the help of the reset button, the alternative methods are not so hard. 

And the most crucial thing, resetting your IP camera by unplugging the power cable and logging in to the web interface, is recommended by the manufacturer. So, there is nothing to feel once you know the correct procedures.

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