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Pixels NYC is a world-class photo post-processing service provider based in New York. Here we provide top-notch high-end photo retouching services using the latest cutting-edge editing technologies. Our skillful professionals and support team works 24/7 to ensure you a flawless image editing experience.


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Photo Retouching


High End Photo Retouching Services

You obviously want the best photographs to represent your brand, and you hire the best photographers to achieve that. You hire the perfect model for the photoshoot. But even all that cannot ensure that you have the final output you wanted. 

Be as it may, it is difficult for even the pro photographers to monitor the minute details like dust, blemishes, spots, etc. which can mess up even a perfect picture for you. What if your model has dark circles on that exact day of the photoshoot or some other skin complication that you failed to notice. 

Don’t worry, we at Pixels NYC have got you covered with our Photo Retouching Services. We have the best graphics designers in the house who are experts at noticing even the minute details that you forgot to check. 

With our high-end Beauty Retouching Services, you can remove all the unwanted dust, blemishes, and spots in your picture and we can adjust the texture and color of the photo so you get the best picture to represent your brand. 

Our High-End Photo Retouching Services are perfectly capable of understanding your needs and requirements before you even say it. Our proven track record bolsters our claim when we say that we are one of the most reputed players in the market when it comes to Professional Retouching Services. 


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Non-Destructive Photo Retouching

Our Non-Destructive Photo Retouching involves working with adjustment layers, filtering with smart filters, image cropping nondestructively, and also photo masking to give you the best High-end skin retouching service available. 

Working non-destructively allows us to easily go back to the original work without losing the progress we have made while photo editing. By working nondestructively we can provide our clients with more flexibility and it helps us to preserve the original data better. 

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Blending

When you want to do HDR blending you expect your pictures to be perfectly toned and capture the contrast portion of the picture and also the highlights of your picture. We perfectly understand that. 

Along with HDR service, we also provide high-end beauty retouching. This enables you to bring the best shades to your pictures. We are an expert in blending multiple images to produce one final image that is flawless and fits your needs. 


High End Skin Retouching

High-end Skin Retouching is one of the most complicated parts of Photo Retouching Services and we pride ourselves on being able to master the art of delivering this service perfectly. In a picture, your skin needs to be perfect and many things can go wrong on the day of your photoshoot or when you are taking wedding pictures. 

Don’t worry though as we are here to save the day. Our expert team of graphic designers would work for you to detect minute mismatches like spots, noise, and discoloration in your skin so that you can look perfect.

Image Retouching Services

You might not even realize when you see a photo that it can be made much better by image retouching. We provide cheap high-end beauty retouching services to our clients but the quality is anything but cheap. 

After we have done Image Retouching you would notice how simple changes that are done by a professional can make an image go from normal to perfect. If you have an eCommerce store then you can try out our high-quality eCommerce product editing and model retouching service to get better-looking perfect images.

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Photo Touch Up Service

You would like your pictures to be polished and to do that you can try out our Photo Touch Up service. We work on the photo entirely and make sure that the final output is to your liking. You can simply send us the raw images and give us detailed instructions about what part of the photo you want to change or make some modifications. If you have a large batch of images that you need us to Touch Up then you can contact us too for that.

Background Removing Service

It can be a comparatively easier service to provide with the use of magic tools, lasso tools, and other tools to mark the background and then eventually remove it. But it needs to be handled by an expert especially when you give the order in bulk quantities. 

It can be a monotonous job and we switch our graphic designers often to make sure that you are getting the services perfectly. Because of the time to time switch they are capable of giving their 100 percent focus on the task. We deliver our service in time and make sure that the background is perfectly removed. 

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  • Our services are very affordable compared to our competitors. We want more clients so we provide our best rates to the clients. That however doesn’t mean that we compromise with the quality. Our pricing starts at 1.00


Retouch up your images using our highly professional retouching services and boost your photo business today.

Who Needs High-End Photo Retouching Services?

Well, people who need to look good professionally would need our services the most. If you are a model, an aspiring actor, an influencer in social media, or any other type of celebrity with a fan following then you would be our ideal customer. 

That being said, looking good is not just now limited to stars and celebs. Everyone wants to look good. In this age of social media and glamour, it would be an injustice to yourself to not represent your pictures in the best possible form. If you want to perfect your image you too can get it done with our cheap retouching services. 

Most of our clients also want our service when they want to polish their wedding photos or other very important events. You definitely want to look good on your special day and you would also post the pictures in various places on the internet. 

Making sure that the pictures get professional retouching is very important. With our high-end beauty retouching service, you can do just that very quickly and get the glamorous spotless look in your pictures. 

Our clients are also entrepreneurs who want perfect pictures to represent their brands.

Why Will You Choose Us For High-End Photo Retouching Services?

Okay, we know we are not the only players when it comes to delivering Photo Retouching Services. We can ensure that we can provide you the best quality at the most affordable price. 

We have a staff of highly trained graphics designers who have mastered the craft of detecting the minute details and perfecting them for our clients. 

We don’t compromise on the quality and make sure that we make the final delivery within the deadline matching all the parameters of our clients and in most cases exceeding their expectations.

There might be many High-Quality Retouching Services out there on the internet but we are known for our dedication and commitment to our clients. We are ready to go the extra mile to meet the expectations of our clients. 

We focus on quality and our graphic designers are constantly improving their skills and they are aware of the latest updates in our industry.

We like challenges and also to try out new things. Our company is vast and properly staffed to handle projects in bulk quantity.  

Pixels NYC is excited to welcome you whenever you are ready to try out our services. 

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``Working with pixels NYC allows me to reduce my overall costing up to 45%. The quality is uncompromised and intact throughout the process.``

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``After they edited my product image my sales increased upto 20% compared to the number I did get by working in my studio.``

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``My major concern in going for any third party editing vendors is the safety and security of my files. Pixels NYC is providing me guaranteed safety of my files and I am impressed with their service.``

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Pixels NYC is a world-class image editing service provider. We offer high-quality photo post-processing services to clients around the world. We work day & night and settle only for excellence. With over 170+ professionally trained photoshop experts, we have served over 10,000 retailers around the globe and over 35M+ images. We have the fastest turnaround time possible for the services and the best part is the quality remains uncompromised.

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